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Abstract guidelines

The deadline for submitting an application with the name and information about the participant is until 01.03.2018 inclusive. The application file is available by reference. The deadline for the submission of abstracts prepared according to the requirements listed below is 15.04.2018 inclusive. The electronic address for sending materials and feedback to the Organizing Committee is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The attachment should contain the text of the abstract in .doc and .pdf format. The scientific secretary is Maria Makarova.

The prepared file should contain the text of the abstracts of the report, as well as a drawing (black and white) that adequately reflects the essence or theme of the research. For convenience, at the request of the authors, the drawing can be inserted "with flow" into the text of the abstract (for example, the rocket drawing is to the right of the text). Also, the availability of a list of literature at the end of the theses, which indicates (at least one) the work of the author / authors on the subject of the research being conducted, is also welcomed. The volume of abstracts should not exceed 300-350 words, including the list of references, and not more than 1 page, taking into account the figure.

Requirements for the preparation of abstracts:

  • The file format is docx (or doc), the font is Times New Roman;
  • Margins everywhere are 2 sm;
  • The volume of the abstract should not exceed 300-400 words (one page), including information about any financial support and references list;
  • The abstract title is typed in capital letters (Times, Bold, 12pt) with centered alignment;
  • Below the title there are the authors’ initials (Times, Italic, 12pt) with centered alignment;
  • Between the abstract title and the authors’ initials there should be an empty line;
  • Then there is the name of the organizations (Times, Regular, 10pt);
  • Between the name of the organizations and the abstract text there should be an empty line;
  • Then there is the abstract text (Times, Regular, 11pt). The indent in the first line of the paragraph is 0.5 cm. It is obligatory to have in the text a black-and-white figure with a caption (Times, Regular, 10pt), which illustrates the subject of the study;
  • Line spacing is single;
  • The alignment of the text is justified;
  • A reference to financial support and gratitude is placed at the end of the abstract before references (at least one) to the literature;
  • Below the text there is a references list typed by Times, Regular, 11pt (at least one reference containing authors published papers);
  • The overall volume of the abstract should not exceed one page.


Please use the following file as a sample of the abstract.