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MSU resort

Moscow State University

The conference is held in the new sea resort of the Moscow State University "Burevestnik", located on the Black Sea shore in the Sochi area. The exact cost of living in a double room is approximately 1590 rubles (20 EUR) per day per person. Payment is due upon arrival at the hotel.

The day of arrival in the hotel is on September 4th, departure day is September 14th. Tickets for round-trip travel are purchased on their own.


The resort is located in the center of Vishnevka village, Lazarevsky district of Sochi, in the most picturesque corner of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Nature generously endowed the Black Sea coast with healing power. Here are curative: climate, air and sun, and, of course, sea water is unique in its properties.


2 Maykopskaya avenue, Vishnevka village, Sochi 354220, Russia. Second branch of the resort "Burevestnik"