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Conference format

1. Review of the conference

At the opening day all participants "advertize" their study in popular scientific style during one meeting briefly in 3-5 min. In this short performance the speaker gives the review of the scientific study, explains what sections of the study will be represented on the oral and poster presentations respectively.

2. Oral and poster presentations

Each participant of the conference has an opportunity to make one oral and one or two poster presentations. At the oral presentation the participant tells about the main content of his study. It is expected that the oral presentation is given in a scientific-popular style, which is understandable for a wide public. At the poster presentations supplementing the oral one, the participant makes a report about the highly specialized problems and results. The duration of oral reports will be determined later (not more than 20 minutes). The participant should send to the Organizing Committee a separate annotation for each presentation (both oral and poster).

3. Keynote lectures

Leading scientists-mechanics, doctors of sciences are invited to our conference. They will lecture ("state-of-the-art" reports) on problems and results in the field of mechanics in the scientific-popular style. More information in the section Keynote speakers.

4. Competition of the best works

Within the framework of the conference a competition of young scientists works will be held. Only oral reports are evaluated. Poster presentations are considered as additional information to the oral presentation. The jury of the contest is the participants and lecturers themselves. Each participant receives a bulletin in which he must mark three liked presentations. Voices of lecturers are taken into account as two voices of other participants. At the end of the conference, all the bulletins are collected, processed, and the work that receives the maximum number of votes is declared the winner of the competition. At the conference closing day the winners will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

5. Brain Ring (What? Where? When?)

Dear participants, the information is available on the link.

6. Seminars and trainings

The Organizing Committee provides participants with the opportunity to conduct seminars, lectures and trainings that may be of interest to a narrow public. For example, within the framework of the seminar, a conference participant can give a lecture for students and graduate students, or scientists working on a single scientific project can hold a seminar. If you are interested in holding such an event, you must contact the Organizing Committee in advance.

7. Other activities

Sea, Excursions, Welcome Cocktail, Banquet.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!